2014 – K. Abdulqaadir

The opportunity to go to Ethiopia was a lifelong dream of mine that I was finally able to address.

I have aspirations to continue this dream in future projects.

In Ethiopia, I participated in the delivery of nutritional goods, educational literature and other items, observation of rural development projects, and general moral boosting through visitation to schools in the countryside.

It was my joy and pleasure to take part in these events as well as in the ceremonial day on January 7th.

The cultural experience traveling through the Ethiopian countryside was one of the most fascinating experiences in my life.

Contrary to what may be portrayed outside Ethiopia, I found the Ethiopian people to be a joyful and vibrant people. I enjoyed trying new foods, dances, practicing newly learned words, and visiting Universities and historic sites.

The work Jo Butler and her family are doing is simply amazing. First because of the magnitude of the impact on the lives of children like those of the HIV and Aids school, and secondly because they have been able to maintain these schools out of the kindness of their hearts. I was able to see firsthand the impact Jo’s work has on the lives on the children.

Giving them opportunities where there was once opposition. Giving them hope where there was once despair. I have danced with these happy children under the portraits of their predecessor sisters who have gone on to college. The children are aware, educated, and excited about their futures. It was truly my honor to take part in such works and this experience has given me direction toward my own progression in life both personally and professionally.

Khalid Abdulqaadir