Compassion, generosity, and hard work – all these virtues are on full display at the Ethiopian Children’s Appeal. In recognition of the efforts of the organizing team, the Secretary-General of UNCTAD honored the project with the 2013 UN 21 Award for Staff Volunteerism. ECA team members that were honored included Jo Butler, Max Jarrett, Max Donkor, Mai-Ellen Russ Jarrett, Sophie Combette, Francine Nkurunziza Nyakageni, Ebenezer First Quao, Brigitte Benaissa, Carolyn Knapp, Tesfaye Mekonnen and webmasters, David Galipeau and Aidan Low.

During the awards’ ceremony, Jo said, “While our day jobs [at the UN are] important and have great impacts, we can also make a difference by touching lives far beyond our workplace.”

In 2011, Jo was named “Woman of the Year”  by the Organization of Women in International Trade (OWIT). The OWIT Woman of the Year Award is given annually to a woman that has furthered international trade through excellence and innovation. OWIT applauds each and every Woman of the Year who serve as role models for all professionals in the field.

Winning the UN 21 Award for Volunteerism