Each year, the ECA holds two fundraising bazaars at the Awash Restaurant. Opened in Geneva in 1995, the Awash Restaurant is managed by Mr Tahir Tabet, a great friend of the ECA. The restaurant has a welcoming and inviting decor.  It has an excellent selection of Ethiopian cuisine with fresh vegetables and spicy chicken, lamb and beef stews, all eaten with enjera, the traditional Ethiopian pancake bread.  Awash is frequented by both the Eritrean and Ethiopian communities, a loyal clientele of Swiss, French, Somali, Sudanese food connoisseurs, and the UN community.

Every Friday, after 10 PM, Awash Restaurant features dancers in various Ethiopian costumes, representing more than ten ethnic groups. They dance to the rhythmic beats of Oromo, as well as Amhara, Tigrinya and Gurage music, while dressed in full regalia evoking the diversity and multicultural environment that makes Ethiopia so unique. The mood is contagious and many a customer can be seen shaking their shoulders trying to mimic the traditional Ethiopian dance called Iskista as well as desperately trying to keep up with the professional dancers on the floor!

The Restaurant is open at 11 a.m. for non-stop cuisine on Saturdays and Sundays and from Monday to Friday for lunch and dinner.Products have included Ethiopian shawls, caftans, baskets, cotton blankets, and original jewellery designed with beads from Ghana and silver from Ethiopia. Ethiopian coffee is available for sale and tasting, and traditional Ethiopian food is always available at reasonable prices.

ECA bazaars have featured:
• original jewelry designs using silver and beads from Ethiopia and Ghana
• hand-made shawls, scarves, caftans, bed covers, tablecloths, napkins and more
• famous Gaby – pure cotton blanket that keeps you warm on the coldest night
• famous Ethiopian coffee and traditional coffee tasting ceremony
• Ethiopian cuisine throughout the day at very reasonable rates

All proceeds go directly to support 1,400 rural schoolchildren in Ethiopia as well as HIV/AIDS orphans and street children. Every year since 2002 when ECA was established, founder Jo Elizabeth Butler and ECA task force members have personally delivered food and other supplies to these children. Information about the latest delivery can be found on our home page. Please attend our fundraising events and help make a difference in the lives of many children. With the world food crisis, they are more vulnerable than ever.